Induction Visit
Before we start any of our services, it’s important that we meet your dog, understand their routines, likes and dislikes and get to know them, As well as recording all required details.  The first induction is free of charge.


Please note;  we cannot accept Females in season and dogs which are aggressive to other Dogs and people.

unNeutered dogs are welcome subject to behavioural assessment 

Play park Sessions

Struggling to get your dog enough exercise? Too busy? Ill? whatever the reason,We are professional, trustworthy, open and flexible to take your dogs out for the day, giving you peace of mind being fully insured and DBS checked.
A session at the Play park is a fun and exciting way for your dog to burn off energy during the day, and also gives an opportunity to teach them how to socialise with other dogs, whilst being under close supervision by my team. We will also incorporate small training sessions into our play time to also burn off some mental energy at no additional cost.
We treat your dog(s) as if they were our own, making the session fun, with plenty of interaction and mental stimulation, whilst maintaining complete control. These are group sessions and are 1 hour long.

It is important that all the dogs are happy in the group so they will also have to go through a trial period before being accepted on a regular basis. Dogs must be social and friendly to our team and pack.

Please note that intact males over 12 months of age will be assessed before using this service.

Females that are in heat will not be allowed to visit the play sessions due to complications. If we discover this on collection we will let them out for a toilet break but you will still be charged the full amount of a play session, if you are aware that your bitch is in season, let us know asap and we can alter the session to a toilet break visit or cancel free of charge.

We operate on a 6:1 ratio.

Meaning there will be 6 dogs to 1 person.


This ensures that your 4 legged companions are being closely monitored and are in a safe & stress free environment.  

No. of regular days per week

Weekly Fee

               1                       £13.00          £13.00 per day

              2                      £26.00         £13.00 per day

               3                      £37.50          £12.50 per day

              4                      £48.00         £12.00 per day

              5                      £57.50          £11.50 per day

ADHOC £13.50 per Session

ADHOC 5 day Block booking £62.50 (£12.50 per day)

All prices include pick up & Drop off

- First 1 hr session

Monday to Friday

11:00 - 12:00


- Second 1 hr session

Monday to Thursday

13:15 - 14:15


Customers who wish to pay weekly are required to pay for the whole week on their first session, either upon collection with cash or via bank payment.

Invoices are to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date (Specified on invoice)

Please ring us to discuss any other arrangements you would like us to help with and we will give you an individual price for what you require.

Bank Holidays incur a 50% extra charge.





Available on advance request


Out of hours services available on request



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